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Fragile and vulnerable


In May this really cute boy at my work asked me for my phone number. 
I thought nothing of it. 
I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend. I thought relationships were a joke, considering the ones I had previously been in. 
I figured if anything we’d hang out and have fun, occasionally. 

That week we met up for lunch, which quickly turned into a day at the beach and playing pool. Which turned into dinner. And then watching the sunset on the beach. 
He was so adorable and funny. 

Before I knew it we were hanging out every day all day long, before work, at work, after work. 
He’s presence was so comforting. 
One drunken night we both giggled about how everyone kept asking us if we were dating and we just kind of stared confused because we didn’t know the answer. 

It’s only been four months of this man by my side, but I have no doubt in my mind this is love. I’ve been in love once before and this love I have now makes the previous feel like an amateur run. 
I’ve never felt so open to express how I feel. Felt so comfortable in my own skin (clothed/naked). 
He determines me to better myself every day and, at the end of the night when the sun is setting, to remember all the things that are so wonderful about life. His compassion is admirable. 
I don’t know what I would do without this man. 
I couldn’t imagine life without him and I don’t know what the hell I was doing before him. 
We aren’t perfect. We bicker and we don’t have much in common, but I love our imperfect compatibility. We bring new aspects to each other’s lives. And I don’t know.. 
It’s just funny because we, as people, spend so much time day dreaming about the kind of person we want to spend our days with and all of a sudden this human enters your life that you didn’t even know existed and they bring so much more to the table then you ever even considered. 
I doubt you care about my gooey, cheesy love obsession with this man. 
But I had to get this fluttering thoughts out of my head. 

Now I just have to wait for him to get home, so we can go back to our bed cocoon and continue our Twilight Zone marathon. 

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